First time fill

If you have just received your spa and it is your first filling, you must follow these 10 steps.

STEP 1: Please open the skimmer and take out your filter cartridge.

STEP 2: Insert the hose where the cartridge was. The water is filled through this place so it remove all the air that could be in the pipes. The water enters the pump and comes out through the jets so it don't create an air pressure in the pipes.

STEP 3: Fill up completely your spa.

STEP 4: Pour a bottle of Swirl Away. Please follow the product directions depending on the size of your spa.

STEP 5: Drain the water from your spa using the drain placed in one of the four corners of your spa or using a submersible pump.

STEP 6: Fill up your spa again, in the same way as step 1.

STEP 7: Take a water sample and bring it in one of our store for a free analysis of your water. You can also perform your water analysis using Test Strips. If you decide to go with the Test Strips, please follow theses next steps.

STEP 8: You have to balance the following 3 parameters: Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness and pH. 
In order to balance these settings, please drop your strip horizontally for 2 seconds in the water, then remove it and wait 20 seconds. Refer to the color code on the box to adjust your settings.

In order to increase your Alkalinity you must use the Balance Pak 100 as directed.
In order to increase your Hardness you must use the Balance Pak 300 as directed.
In order to increase your pH you must use the Balance Pak 200 as directed.
If your water has a high pH you should use Lo 'N Slo as directed.

STEP 9: Once your water is balanced, you must add your assinissant, either chlorine or bromine.

CAUTION: Never throw chlorine or bromine tablets inside your spa, use a dispenser or container. Chlorine or bromine tablets can damage your acrylic.

STEP 10: Wait a minimum of 1 hour and repeat an analysis to make sure that the 4 parameters are well balanced.


First time fill

If this is a seasonal water change start at step 4.

If this is a seasonal water change start at step 4.