Stabilized chlorinating granules

$39.99 - $93.99

Killing bacteria is key to spa maintenance

Bacteria thrive in hot water. Chlorine and bromine keep the water clear and protected from bacteria. To keep spa water protected continuously, a residual sanitizer is needed even if the spa is equipped with an ozone or UV system.

Stabilized Chlorinating Granules:
Sanitizer that controls bacteria and algae in spa and swim spa water.
  • Concentrated granules.
  • Quick dissolving.
  • Near neutral pH, keeping water balance maintenance low.
  • Apply directly to water while the pump is running.

  1. For fresh water, add 20 g of SpaGuard stabilized chlorinating granules per 1000 L of water.
  2. Let the water circulate for 15 minutes before begining swimming.
  3. Add 10 g of SpaGuard stabilized chlorinating granules per 1000 L of water daily, or as needed.
  4. Since SpaGuard stabilized chlorinating granules contain a stabilizer that can build up in spa water, it is important to dilute the spa or swim spa water from time to time with fresh water in order to keep the stabilizer between 30 and 100 ppm.

ADVICE: Persistent foaming, turbidity and malodorous water are indicators of inadequate sanitizer levels. To correct such conditions, superchlorinate spa or swim spa water by adding 30 g of SpaGuard Stabilized Chlorinating Granules per 1000 L of water. Circulate the water for 30 minutes and wait 4 hours before using the spa.