Spa lite

$29.99 - $39.99

Isn’t shocking just for when your water has a problem?

No! Shocking should be part of your spa maintenance. While it does help with troubleshooting, when part of a routine it provides the correct chemical balance that your spa water needs to have and keep clear, odor-free water that doesn’t irritate your eyes and skin. Shocking should be done weekly in most spas or swim spas and more frequently for heavily-used or commercial spas or swim spas.

Spa Lite:

Eliminates soluble organic wastes and chloramines in spa or swim spa water. Frequent use of Spa Lite will promote clearer water. It has clarifiers blended into the formula to enhance filtration and is compatible with spa or swim spa using chlorine or bromine. Spa Lite is an oxidizing shock treatment, not a disinfectant nor an algicide. It is a complete product for routine maintenance.
  • Removes undesirable compounds and eliminates orders.
  • Clarifies water, making it sparkle.
  • No measuring needed with pre-measured pouch.
  • Easy to use granules.
  • Will not cloud water.

  1. Circulate the water by turning on the filtration / circulation system.
  2. Remove your spa cover for 1 hour.
  3. Pour a full pouch of Spa Lite, note that a pouch cannot be separated. For swim spas, pour the pouch into the deep end.
  4. Swimming can begin 15 minutes after application.
  5. Under normal bather conditions, apply 1 pouch of Spa Lite once a week. After intensive use, apply immediately after the spa or swim spa has been used.
NOTE: A 35 g pouch covers 1500 L of water and a 48 g pouch covers 2000 L of water.