Balance pak 200


How important is pH really?

Having the correct pH in your pool is crucial to your swimmers’ comfort and also protects your pool equipment from corrosion, staining and etching. The ideal pH is 7.4-7.6 which is your eyes’ natural level. If the pH is too high or too low it can cause those pesky red, itchy eyes!

Balance Pak 200:

Used to raise the pH of spa water. pH sould be maintained at 7.4-7.6 for optimum chlorine/bromine activity and best water quality. Low pH may cause eye irritation, etch plaster and cause surface staining. A low pH can also corrode metal fixtures and the filtration and recirculation systems.
  • Raises the pH.
  • Protects equipment from corrosion due to low pH.
  • Balances water for bather comfort.

  1. Perform an analysis of your water.
  2. Add the appropriate amount of Balance Pak 200 based on your analysis directly into the spa. For swim spas, add the appropriate amount in the deep end.
  3. Let the water circulate for 2 to 3 hours.
  4. Repeat the treatment as needed.
NOTE: To increase the pH, add 10 g (approximately 1 teaspoon) of SpaGuard Balance Pak 200 per 1000 L of water.

Size: 1 kg