Alkalinity increaser tabs - Rapid dissolve


Rapid Dissolve Technology
Select SpaGuard Rapid-Dissolving Tabs feature a unique effervescing technology that will quickly disperse treatments throughout the water.

No tedious dosing needed, it’s simply a matter of dropping tabs into the water and then watching them immediately start getting to work!

Convenient tabs that quickly respond to key challenges in smaller bodies of water like spas and swim spas.

Simply drop a tab in the filter well, then watch it disperse chemicals without any added effort.

For use in spas and swim spas.

Alkalinity increaser tabs

It raise total alkalinity in spa or swim spa water. Low alkalinity may cause spa or swim spa water to be corrosive to metal, causing staining etching or distorting of spa or swim spa surfaces. Proper alkalinity reduces pH bounce by buffering the water against undesirable pH changes. Total alkalinity should be maintained in the range of 125-150 ppm.
  • Control pH bounce by quickly raising total alkalinity.
  • Helps protect equipment from corrosion.
  • 1 tablet in 1000 L will raise the alkalinity by approximately 15 ppm.

Weight : 567 g