SilkGuard COMPLETE Sticks

$69.99 - $236.99

Killing bacteria and preventing algae is a vital step

Sanitizers are the key ingredients of proper pool maintenance. Chlorine and bromine keep the water clear, protected from bacteria and help control algae. This is the first part of the BioGuard 3-Step Pool Care System and the BioGuard Smart PAK program.

Why use SilkGuard COMPLETE?

This multifunctional sanitizer kills bacteria, controls algae and destroys organic contaminants. It will last longer than chlorine products such as bleach or calcium hypochlorite because it contains sunlight-protected chlorine. This product contains blue algae fighting crystals and SUNSHIELD, which protects chlorine from sunlight so you use less. It also provides softer water with SilkGuard technology, crystal clear water through enhanced filtration and longer lasting sanitization with SmartGuard technology.
  • Multi-benefit chlorination sticks.
  • Softer water with SilkGuard technology.
  • Made with algae-killing crystals.
  • Longer lasting with SmartGuard technology
  • Gives crystal clear water.

  1. Maintain recommended daily levels determined by test kit or test strips.
  2. Add the sticks to a dispenser, floater or automatic chlorinator and adjust the flow according to the manufacturer's recommendations to maintain the proper chlorine residual. Adding the sticks to the pool skimmer basket is an alternative method of chlorine feed.

WARNING: Direct stick contact may cause bleaching of vinyl or painted pool surfaces. Also, an automatic feeding devices employing these sticks must be totally free from traces of other pool sanitizers to avoid the probability of an explosion.